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At it is easy to contact us.

You can email us at

You can write to us at:

The Chilli Guy

43 Station Avenue,



PE13 4HE

You Can contact us using the Contact Us form below.

    If you have a question about our Super Hot Chillies or want to send us any other information then use the contact form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Feel free to ask us anything you want about growing and cooking with super hot chillies. You can also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions – you question might be listed there.

    At we always like to hear and see what you are unto with your chillies. Please feel free to email us any pictures you have of your plants growing and also share any recipes for spicy food. Going forward we will develop a users gallery and recipe area.

    Would you like to see an article on a particular chilli or have a suggestion about what chillies we should grow – drop us an email and let us know.

    Currently we grow the following chillies.

    • Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chilli White
    • Yellow Scorpion
    • Bhut Jolokia Ghost ChilliChocolate
    • Carolina Reaper
    • Scorpion Butch T Red
    • Red Scorpion
    • But Jolokia  Ghost Chilli Red
    • 7 Pod Brainstrain Red
    • Guntur Sannam
    • Katie
    • Kashmiri Mirch
    • Burmese Naga
    • Moruga Scorpion
    • Fatalii Jigsaw
    • Defcon 7
    • 7 Pot Chaguanas contact us

    The Chilli Guy