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Super Hot Chilli Seedlings are here

Super Hot Chilli Seedlings

It is always an amazing sight to me when the new season chilli seedlings start to appear –  Our 2016 super hot Chilli Seedlings are no exception. This season the first seeds to be sown were the Dorset Naga, Bengle Naga’s, Dorset Zingers, Fire Chillies, Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia Red, Bhut Jolokia White, Bhut Jolokia Chocolate,  Red Scorpion, and Yellow Scorpion.

Chillies can be slow to germinate so patience is required (not easy for me!) The germination rates after 20 days are :

  • Dorset Naga – 80% – shop for fresh Dorset Nagas here
  • Dorset Zinger – 50%
  • Bengle Naga – 71% –
  • Fire – 30%
  • Carolina Reaper – 82% – shop for fresh Carolina Reaper Chillies here
  • Bhut Jolokia – 100%
  • Scorpion Red – 81%
  • White Bhut Jolokia – 35% shop for White Ghost Chillies Direct From Our Farm
  • Chocolate Bhut Jolokia – 67%
  • Yellow Scorpion – 83% – shop for Scorpion Fresh Chillies Direct From Our Farm

There is still plenty of time for further germination but even the current rates should be considered more than acceptable.

Time to get some light to the new seedlings and maintain the heat.

Happy chilli growing!

The Chilli Guy

7 Pod Chaguanas Chillies
The Chilli Guy

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