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5 months ago

Butterfly on Kashmiri Mirch Chilli plant in TheChilluGuy nursery. #kashmirimirch #thechilliguy

5 months ago
Found this on Pinterest

Superhot Chillies - worth the pain!

Dorset Naga and Ghost Chillies grown in the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border. Wonderful full heat full flavour chillies ..

5 months ago

So true!

3 years ago
Photos from's post

2017 super hot chilli season is progressing well - Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chillies, Scorpions, Red and Chocolate Nagas and Kashmiri Mirch chillies all growing well. Tomatoes in the ... See more

4 years ago
Timeline Photos

More orders leave the chilli farm today .. This order includes Kashmiri Mirch, Yellow Scorpion, Guntur Sannam, 7 Pot Chaguanas, Dorset Naga, Fatalli Jigsaw and Ghost Chilli !! Someone is going to ... See more

4 years ago
Photos from's post

A couple of pics taken down the chilli farm today ... there will be a few units of the super hot chillies available on eBay and at for those brave enough to try some of the hottest ... See more

4 years ago
10 Fresh Dorset Naga Chillies picked to Order. FRESH FRUIT not dried or seeds

Limited stock available of super hot Dorset Naga Chilli .. 🙂 ... See more

10 Fresh Dorset Naga Chillies picked to Order. FRESH FRUIT not dried or seeds in Everything Else, Other | eBay

4 years ago
Chocolate Ghost Chillies

Chocolate Ghost Chillies (Bhut Jolokia) starting to ripen at Wisbech St Mary near Murrow Cambridgeshire - They are approximately 1,000,000 SHU on the Scoville Scale (Hot! - for more info on the ... See more

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