Naga Chilli Chutney

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Naga Chilli Chutney

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Naga – Chilli – Chutney


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The Naga Chilli Chutney

The Naga Chilli Chutney from is made to a unique recipe that combines the magical flavours of a traditional chutney along with the the amazing fruit flavours and outstanding heat from the Naga Chilli. Made only from the finest ingredients this Naga Chutney is a luxury chutney well flavoured hot chutney.

Naga Chilli Chutney
Naga Chilli Chutney

The Chilli Guy Naga Chilli Chutney is made to a very old traditional recipe that has been handed down through the generations. It is completely hand made and is made with only the finest ingredients. Our  Chilli Chutney is made in small batches of around 40 jars – each batch having its own subtle variations but the base flavour and heat being constant.

As the chutney is definitely in the hotter side of the scale less will generally be more. Use sparingly with most cheeses and meats for a great flavour.

Every product that we grow or manufacture at comes with an unconditional guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason then please let us know and we will be happy to refund the cost of your purchase. View our blog which contains a short article on the Naga Chilli Chutney here


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    1 review for Naga Chilli Chutney

    1. Ross J

      Awesome stuff both the standard and extra hot one.I can’t get enough of this with everything I eat especially roasted cheese… The bomb?
      Ross J

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