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Naga Chilli Chutney has landed!

Naga Chilli Chutney

After many weeks of self discipline and patience, I have been allowed, at last, to open a jar (or two) of the much anticipated Naga Chilli Chutney all hand made to a known excellent recipe.

 Two batches (some weeks apart) were made with a

view to experimenting on the actual level of Naga heat as getting the correct balance of fruitiness to heat is crucial. Too hot and the chutney over-powers everything and too little Naga input and the point is lost.


Batch 1 of the Naga Chilli Chutney had about 50% of the Naga Chillies compared to Batch 2 so I was expecting a significant lift in the heat content of batch 2. Surprisingly that was not the case as I only found a slight increase in the heat in the second batch. The general feedback from our taste testers was that the initial batch was very well flavoured – very fruity and had a pleasant heat but could have been hotter for the die-hard Naga fans.



Batch 2 was a thicker Chutney than batch one and this was probably because we halved the quantity as it was a tweak to batch one mainly looking at the Naga content. Surprisingly the heat was not significantly greater but there definitely was an uplift. I found the chutney to give a very pleasant tingle on the tastebuds – definitely different from simply applying a mass of heat with chilli powder!
Overall the response was overwhelmingly positive and the plan is to do a third batch to finalise the heat levels. We will have a number of  jars of the final Naga Chilli Chutney available after maturing for a couple of months.. all you have to do is pay the P&P cost if you want one – It is a first come first served basis and all we would ask is that you give us some honest feedback once you have tasted the chutney. To register your interest please use the contact us form below – quote “Sample Request” in the subject.

At the end of this season we will produce 2 batches – one being a hotter version for the heat lovers but both being sufficiently hot to keep all Naga fans happy. View our Naga Chilli Chutney in our shop by clicking here

Until next time – happy chilli growing

The Chilli Guy Naga Chilli Chutney
The Chilli Guy

Please use this contact form to let us know if you want a jar of our Naga Chutney – subject to availability – Add “Sample Request” to the comments box along with your email details and we will be in touch when available.  You can also use this form to get in touch with us about any other points. You can also comment directly  on this article using the comments section below.


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  1. Awesome stuff both the standard and extra hot one.I can’t get enough of this with everything I eat especially roasted cheese… The bomb?

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